The next frontier in flexible human-robot collaboration

By completely rethinking safe human-robot collaboration, we are creating the first truly responsive robots for flexible factories and warehouses, where human and robot can work together without sacrificing productivity.

Our Vision

The fastest and safest robots for ultimate flexibility & productivity

Our vison is to make robotic automation easy and flexible by building the first truly fenceless industrial robots for manufacturing and warehouse fulfillment, that work safely with people, without sacrificing productivity.

Safe out-of-the-box

Mantis robots are inherently safe right out-of-the-box, thanks to our cutting-edge built-in, tactile sensing and safety motion control technology. No fences, no external safety devices required.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

By combining highest productivity and fastest deployment, our robots have up to 70% lower total cost of ownership compared to today’s technology.

Highest Productivity & Ultimate Flexibility

Our fenceless robots offer the highest productivity and flexibility in both structured and unstructured environments.

Fastest Deployment

Code-free deployment in hours, even by novice users.

We are building the Mantis Robot: the fastest and safest industrial robot with physical intelligence


Join us

Our mission is to build the fastest and safest industrial robots that can work safely with people, to make robotic automation accessible to anyone wanting to automate a manual task. We are looking for great and ambitious team players to help us revolutionize industrial automation. We seek a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. At Mantis Robotics, we are committed to respect, transparency, honesty, integrity, fairness and customer focus.

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