Amazon’s $1B industrial innovation fund invests in these 5 startups

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“Mantis Robotics

The San Francisco startup is the youngest in the investment block. Mantis Robotics, which is developing a tactile robotic arm that uses sensor technology to cohesively work alongside people, was founded in 2020. The technology allows for these robotic arms to be “fenceless,” allowing them to interact more freely with people without risk of injury.”

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Mantis Robotics Announces Seed Investment by Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 21, 2022) — Mantis Robotics, a new entry to the robotics industry, has announced a seed investment from the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund.

Mantis Robotics is a robotics hardware and software company developing a tactile robotic arm that can cohesively work alongside people. Their sensing and safety motion technologies promote safer environments where people and robots can work together efficiently.

Mantis’s robotic arm is designed to safely perform tasks in continuously changing environments. Its scalable safety motion architecture, paired with its intuitive software, enables truly flexible automation processes at factories and warehouses.

Gerry Vannuffelen, Mantis Robotics Co-Founder & CEO, said, “We built this company to address a common frustration we hear all the time from manufacturers. Right now, they have to sacrifice efficiency if they want robots to work safely alongside people. With Amazon as a pioneer in the use of robotics, this investment is a strong show of confidence in our vision to make human-robot collaboration even safer and more productive. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Amazon as an investor through its Industrial Innovation Fund.”

“The purpose of the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund is to support emerging technologies through direct investments, designed to spur invention and solve for the world’s toughest challenges across customer fulfillment operations, logistics, and supply chain solutions,” said Katherine Chen, Head of the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund. “We’re inspired by the way that Mantis approaches robotics. Their science-driven approach with a focus on safety optimization could help create both a safer and more seamless work experience.”

Mantis Robotics plans to use the fresh capital to expand its engineering teams and accelerate its product development. The company targets to deploy its first robotic systems later this year.

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The Batchery Announces Batch 13, A New Cohort of Startups

BERKELEY, Calif.Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fifteen early-stage startups have joined the Batchery’s 2021 Fall program for entrepreneurs. These founders join more than 150 companies that have graduated from the Batchery program in the last five years.

Each Batchery cohort spends 12 weeks moving through the three pillars of the Batchery’s program:

  • High-touch mentorship from the Batchery’s accomplished Investor Advisory community
  • Startup 101 – a collection of multi-class online courses that help founders build their businesses and jump-start their success.
  • A series of Batchery-hosted roundtables and service partnerships.

Batch 13 is the second group to come through the Batchery in 2021.These startups address challenges in a variety of spaces, including ed tech, fintech, IoT, NFTs and more. Batch 13 is:

  • 24HourTruckFix – Dispatch and automation software for the transportation industry
  • Clusiv – E-learning platform built for and by the blind and visually impaired
  • CounselHero – Intelligent, automated career counselors for students
  • Cur8able – Disability fashion styling platform
  • FilterHealth – Automated air filter management system with IoT
  • keepwith – Networking advice and education
  • BUDDY – AI digital health app for seniors and their caregivers
  • Mantis Robotics – Fenceless robots for manufacturing and warehouse automation
  • NFT FM – Full-length music NFTs that supports artists directly
  • Overcome the Barrier – Spanish language educational software and platform
  • QuantumCamp – Educational software to bring advanced math and science to K-12
  • SteamChain – B2B payments for companies conducting international commerce
  • TruCard – Financial wellness through investing in digital assets
  • Windscape ai – Smart control for wind turbines with AI and sensors
  • Zelite – Integrated platform for real estate investors in a mobile app

In addition to expert mentorship and course work, the Batchery provides financing to promising startups through its Angel Fund and the associated Investor Adviser Seed Fund ( In this way, more than $600,000 was directed to founders in the most recent Batch in August and September this year.

“The Batchery was able to exceed our expectations in several ways,” says Phillip Hansel, CEO of Ai-Ops, an IA-driven engineering platform to help users operate industrial processes. “First, with their time commitment to understanding our business and challenges. Second, by leveraging their own social capital to make solid connections for our business. Third, the Batchery folks maintained a positive attitude towards our success and our struggle to get to the next level.”

With Batch 13, the Batchery is continuing to expand: the 15 companies represent the most startups in a single cohort to date. “Our capacity to provide real value to founders continues to grow,” says Batchery Executive Director Peter Burghardt, “And the quality of this latest Batch is testimony to our success as the support network for a new generation of technology and product leaders.”

The Batchery is a diverse community of well-connected and experienced angel investors. Our unique approach brings to startups deep expertise, a diverse network and just in time resources. The Batchery helps startups transform into thriving businesses.

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